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News and Announcements

Freak Show!

Ash Mod posted Oct 12, 16

Chosencraft 2016 Special Halloween Weekend Festival!

Updates: Schedule has changed due to some scheduling confilcts, the new dates are:

Friday, the 28th, Saturday the 29th, and finally, Sunday the 30th. The times are still the same.


Hello there ChosenCraftians! It's that time of the year again, and wow is it weird to be up here. I present to you, the first ever ChosenCraft Halloween Spookfest Weekend Festival! Now what does that even mean, you ask? Well, usually around this time of the year everyone is getting settled in to school, and preparing for the mysterious and enchanting holiday we mortals call Halloween.

✦ ✦ ✭ ✦ ✦

The festival will start on FRIDAY, the 28th of October, and end on SUNDAY, the 30th. The time the event will be running each day will relatively be in the afternood around 9 PM (EST). Depending on the staff/holiday team online, the length of the event each day may shift around that general time. For example, a staff member/holiday coordinator might end the event early or extend it as needed. Make sure to bring your buddies! The more people there are, the more fun you'll have!! Mat will also be providing some juicy memes and roasts at your disposal, so stay tuned for that. Mods will also be hosting things such as server events, (with prizes duh!!) and possibly some other things. Also we will be mostly hanging around the event area, which the warp will be posted here soon. The event area will be full of haunted houses, a wild spooky rollercoaster, beerhalls, possibly a maze, and loads of other creative things peeps have come up with!!

✦ ✦ ✭ ✦ ✦

The event area is still under construction, and if you would like to contribute a build please let Shadania, Mel, someone on the staff team, or I know, and we will ask you a few questions like what you want to build and where you want it to relatively be. Please volunteer if you can, and try to make your build/creation neat and presentable for the area!!

More updates on the event will be posted here, so stay tuned, and stay spooked!

Ace1041 @ SMP
You can't handle the sp00k!
Trixay Helper Sp00ki
Izzardd Can't wait to partake each day relatively in the afternood

Celebrate Amphibian Appreciation Month With ChosenCraft

Good day ChosenCraftians. In acknowledgement of our global community, we here at ChosenCraft have decided to participate in theGenovian custom of celebrating October as Amphibian Appreciation Month. As is customary in Genovian culture, we have decided to promote a well loved amphibian to a position of ludicrous power and worship him/her as an idol for the month. After very little deliberation, we here at ChosenCraft decided that the obvious best choice of action would be to promote Pepe the Frog to the rank of Admin.

Unfortunately, BadGirl said that was stupid and we were stupid for trying to do it. Six hours later we decided that we may as well promote Toad180 to the rank of Admin instead. Now, let's be very clear about this, we did not promote Toad because he is a dedicated staff member. Nor did we decide to promote Toad because he is well liked among the staff and community or because he puts a great deal of personal care into his work. This is a clear cut case of pandering to our international community so they don't feel excluded from the superior American players. So help us celebrate Amphibian Appreciation Month and make sure to congratulate Toad180 for the new position that he totally did not earn by his own merit.

Congratulations Toad!!!! 

Iron_Splinter Pepe would've been great as Admin
Shadania "Our newest staff member"
toad180 Admin Although I may have not been your first pick, I am very honored to have been offered this position. Thank you all so muc...



Greetings Chosencraftians! RollingWreck here and I have some exciting news! I escaped from my cage again!!! So, to celebrate my new found freedom from the confines of BadGirl's dominance, I'm proud to announce that ChosenCraft is having a contest. Are you artistic? Good, we here at ChosenCraft would like to exploit your talents in exchange for pats on the head. It's like teaching your dog to get you're newspaper and rewarding it with a pat on the head. The dog thinks it's getting rewarded and you have something to read on the toilet. Everyone wins. All you have to do is [REDACTED]




I'm now being told that we are not allowed to reward you with pats on the head. Apparently it is not "Staff-like" to "treat the community like pets for your own amusement, RollingWreck," which means I also can not [REDACTED]

Ok, fine. ChosenCraft needs a new banner for our ad spacing and a logo for the website. We are willing to provide the following prizes for the winner.

1. A banana

2. A second banana

3. BadGirl will be nice to you.

Good luck, I guess. I can't draw. Stupid art.

It has come to our attention that someone gave Wreck perms to post on the front page. This was obviously a mistake, but we're going to run with it. Below are the actual size requirements and prizes pertaining to the contest.


- Size: 468X60

- 400kb in size

- Must be a .gif (pronounced gif, not jif. Get it straight or suffer our collective wrath you heathen.)

- Must include the following:

     1. The name ChosenCraft

     2. The server ip address:

     3. All available game modes must be featured; Towny SMP, Sky Block, Survival Games, KitPvP



- Size: 800 X 600

- Must include ChosenCraft's name.


- A special name tag/rank

- $10,000

- 1 Beacon

The contest will run between October 4th and October 18th Multiple winners may be possible. Finalist will be chosen by the ChosenCraft staff team. Finalists will be submitted for community vote to determine the winner(s) of the contest. 

If you have any additional questions, please contact BadGirl on the server or via private message on this website.

Send entry's to BadGirl.

Glackapunch Can you give me the love my parents never did as a prize
TheReaper1416 Would it count if i used the original banner from a few years ago?
newton17 Same logo as we have now but with the Titanic on fire, can I have my prize now?

Global Points

BadGirl aAdmin posted Sep 19, 16

Newly implemented Shop!

Hello there ChosenCrafters! I am happy to let you know that we have implemted a new feature to ChosenCraft! I know many of you have noticed something on your pinfo for a while. I'm happy to announce that it is finally in use! I introduce you to the Global Points Shop! This shop rewards player who vote/win events/help staff. Its very simple and easy to use! All you need to do is /shop


Looks a little something like this ^

Some rewards require a certain amount of Global Points and Vote Points.

  - Global Points are earned by helping staff, winning an event, or voting

  - Vote Points are earned by voting

 GPShop GUI2

As you can see, this reward costs 300 Global Points and 18 Vote Points.

For each vote on one server, you get 1 Vote Point (So vote on all 8 sites to earn 8 Vote Points). For each 1 full vote (6 sites) you get 100 Global Points.

Join the OCCCFAQAAFAP to make suggestions on perks that can be earned and added in the future!

It will soon be added to each server with different perks you can benefit you on that server!

Iron_Splinter what would the / command be to get there?
Ace1041 @ SMP
Shadania This is the best thing since CTF got back, awesome stuff :d
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