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I Miss judged arcade
I like you killing ragin too c;
I like killing ragin :)
Yes, I was shocked Newton xD. Good thing you cleared that up :p
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News and Announcements

1.7.x Updates - What's going on

purefocus aHASysAdmin posted Apr 14, 14
As I'm sure you all know there have been quite a few updates for Minecraft. These updates are in preparation to allow changing your Minecraft username. Unfortunately in order to do this you still need a global identifier to know who is who even after a name change. So what is going on is players now have their own UUID (Universally Unique Identifier) to know who's who.

So what's this mean to the players? Nothing.
What's this mean to the server? Everything.

Previously, all plugins stored all their data by username because the usernames would always remain constant and never change. That is no longer true. All the plugins that store player data (PInfo, Towny, Permissions, McMMO, etc.) now have to update and convert all their data to use UUID's instead of names. 


In the process of making these changes, there have been a few bugs that pop up.

If all is goes to plan, then you should be able to change your names with minimal issues.

Known bugs:
  1. PermSync (What synchronizes permissions cross-server) Doesn't fully work.
  2. Prefixes doesn't always transfer cross-server.

Colonel_Camel What I don't understand is how people act like this namechange thing is anything new. I've had numerous encounters where ...
Newton17 Am I the only one whothink Jeb Is ruining minecraft? Enchanting with lapis, and now this namechange crap. Props to pure ...


Tayls115 aHA posted Apr 10, 14
This Sunday, April 13th, at 4:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, there will be a massive Mob Arena Event!  This event is an exciting, fast-paced event in which you try to fight and survive against waves of never-ending mobs.

This event is a dangerous event.  You bring your own sets of armor, food, etc. into the arena and nothing will be provided.  You get one life, so when you die, you lose the game as well as anything you bring into the arena.  

You might be wondering at this point, "Why would I want to play this game if I could possibly lose my things?" Well, the answer is quite simple really, the prizes are well worth the risk, and the award for MobArena is quite rare indeed!  And also, who doesn't want to experience and fight waves of the fiercest foes Minecraft has to offer?

The  hosts all look forward to seeing you guys there.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments below.
paehard1-MGL_BLOODSTORM Where do I need to go on this day to fight mobs?? ...
MHgod Helper Congrats To The Winners BatBoy125 And Gillzrus!
Bat I saw this and can't agree more but I'll probably go back to GTA 5 right after ...

Recent Changes

BigTitan1997 ModHelper posted Mar 22, 14
   While College Basketball enters March Madness, we also have our own "Madness", so to say. As some of you may know, we are going into the Slow Spring time where, like last year, players and staff tend to focus more on finishing up School and other Real Life things. Therefore you may be noticing a fluctuation within our staff team. We would just like to remind you all that we are keeping only the servers best interests in mind, and we ask that you be patient with us until things go back to normal. We would also like to encourage more players to apply for staff, as there is always room for more helpful people!

Thanks for your understanding!
-Chosencraft Staff
Xx_MlG_Sw4G_69xX id like 2 be a staf member
Muzzy15 can I ive been playing for a while its been really fun playing i have an old account called baccaking015 but I gave that ...
minergenius15 I want be but I'm to young ...

Big Build Competition #6 Results!

BigTitan1997 ModHelper posted Mar 1, 14
   Ladies and Gentlemen, The Moment you have all been waiting for! I hold in my hand the Results to the 6th Official Big Build Competition, and I will now reveal these results... Right after this commercial break! Jokes, but before I revel the results, I would just like to thank everyone who took the time to put together a team and build. This was actually our largest turn out! But enough talking here are our winners!

In First Place we have: Gylmeh, Kiro47, and Alora_1012! You can see it at /warp 1st

In Second Place we have: Jawman99, Newton17, and Pouiy1523! You can see it at /warp 2nd

And in Third Place we have: Simply_Kiny14, Williamd103, and Bass104! You can see it at /warp 3rd

Those who have won now get the great prizes! How this will work is that each person will get their own-shared split of the money, and their own set amount of enchanted tools to be their own. The amount of entree fees totals to 165,000 dollars so rewards will be given as shown in the following table:

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

The Builder Rank


Three items w/ ANY enchantments!

The Builder Rank


Two items w/ ANY enchantments!

The Builder Rank


One item w/ ANY enchantments!

The Builder rank entails the following perk-ups:

Piston usage

Dispenser usage*

Bucket usage

Clear inventory command [/ci]

•Flight permission [/fly]

Again, I thank everyone for their participation, I enjoy seeing so many players interested in building. I look forward to hopefully helping again with the next Big Build Competition, and may The Official Big Build Competition Number 7 come quickly!

CapDunnZJ Nice job everyone
Waabash Helper Congratumulations to all who won, and brownie points to those who didn't win
BlueEye This will most likely be the last Big Build I will ever participate in. I now know why some people refused to join the c ...
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